Who We Are

We are called SPAMIC…. acronym for Salem Pastoral and Management College SPAMIC… Raising Global Ministers

Our Vision

We are Raising Ministers for Global Impact

Our Mission

Our Mandate is to raise an army of ministry leaders who are:

  1. Strong in faith
  2. Empowered by wisdom
  3. Intimate with the Holy Spirit
  4. With a positive mental attitude
  5. Transparent character with unbeatable competence.
  6. Doing exploits for kingdoms advancement

Our Objective

To train, Equip and Mobilize the entire labor force who think as global leaders in ministry and the marketplace. Each subject taught at SPAMIC, has the potential to stretch you, unashamedly. You will be challenged. You will have plenty of opportunities to grow, not just spiritually and relationship with God but also grow as the person God made you to be, follower of Jesus Christ and leader in your sphere.

Spirit-led Instruction

We acknowledge that the Holy Spirit can move during the delivery of the classes and often He does. Through the instruction of the word combination with direction of the Holy Spirit, learning experiences can range from intimate sessions to moments of divine inspiration.

Seasoned Instructors

SPAMIC instructors are seasoned and experienced in their subject areas. They deliver inspiring teaching using a variety of teaching styles to illustrate sound Bible doctrine with real-life examples. You are introduced to instructors with ministry gifts from around the world both on campus and through conferences. This exposure to a diversity of ministry gifts produces graduates who are well rounded in aspects of the Word.